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China Petroleum
China National Petroleum Corporation ("PetroChina"), one of the largest oil and gas producers and sellers in China's oil and gas industry, is one of the largest companies in China and one of the world's largest oil companies. As of the beginning of 2013, the total assets of 347.8 billion US dollars.

Since its inception, PetroChina has established a sound corporate governance structure in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations, normative documents and the articles of association of the Company Law and the Articles of Association of Overseas Listed Companies. The shareholders' general meeting, board of directors and board of supervisors of the company can operate independently and in accordance with the articles of association.

China National Petroleum is committed to the development of a highly competitive international energy company, the world's oil and petrochemical products, one of the important production and sales. China Petroleum is widely engaged in oil and gas related business, including: exploration and development of crude oil and natural gas, production and sales; refining, transportation, storage and sale of crude oil and petroleum products; basic petrochemical products, derivative chemical Products and other chemical products production and sales; natural gas, crude oil and refined oil transportation and natural gas sales.

China National Petroleum will be guided by the scientific concept of development, accelerate the implementation of resources, markets and internationalization of the three strategies, efforts to accelerate the transformation of growth, focus on improving the ability of independent innovation, focus on the establishment of safe and environmentally friendly energy-saving mechanism, focus on building a harmonious enterprise, Strongly Competitive International Energy Company.  
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