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Description of the use of security container bolt seal

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Author : Junchuang
Update time : 2023-01-30 13:09:00
              Bolt seal is also called container seal. Bolt seal adopts clamp spring structure inside. The lock rod is made of metal in one-time molding, and the outer surface is filled with ABS plastic. The exterior can be laser marked, coded, and bar coded. It has a high anti-theft effect, so how to use it What?
     The operation method of container bolt seal is very simple.
    The container bolt seal uses a press-and-snap lock, no tools are needed. When in use, the lock head and the lock bar connected by the plastic rod are broken off, and the lock bar is passed through and then the lock head is pressed on, and then twisted after making a clear snapping sound. The lock bar and lock head ensure successful installation. Afterwards, be sure to check whether the lock is successful to ensure the safety of the goods.
    When removing the container bolt seal, you need to use special pliers for unlocking to cut. Ordinary wire pliers have no effect on the bolt seal, so it has a high anti-theft performance.

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