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July-August meeting

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Update time : 2022-09-16 18:54:34

1. Institutional Analysis

      Rules and regulations, as a criterion for regulating employees' behavior within an enterprise, have the function of guiding the direction of employees in the production process. After the rules and regulations are published, employees will clearly know what rights they enjoy, how to obtain these rights, what obligations they should perform, and how to perform their obligations. For example, the commuting time is stipulated in the rules and regulations, so that employees know when it is working time and when it is rest time, and can guide employees to go to get off work on time to prevent violation of labor discipline due to being late or leaving early.

2. Leader's speech

We are convinced that under the correct leadership of President Zhang, as long as all our employees have firm belief, forge ahead, unite and cooperate, achieve big goals with small goals and long-term goals with big goals, step by step, we must be able to complete the task well, so that 2022 Turn into a veritable income-generating year!

3. Hero commendation


01 - Excellent people play the role of role models, guide us to "struggle" and create impressive performance.
02 - Focus on one thing, and the huge effect produced is often beyond your imagination. Only by doing your best will you have no regrets.

4. work and get paid

They have a constant belief of pursuing excellence and achieving excellence, and they express the connotation of "high quality and high efficiency" with their actions. In order to become leaders in their respective industries, they constantly learn new knowledge and new skills, combine learning and practice closely, and be brave in innovation and never stop.

5. Birthday party

Birthday is like a song with a beautiful melody! Birthday is like an oil painting with bright colors! Friends, on this birthday, let our blessings accompany you, wish you happiness forever and infinite happiness!

Birthday wishes
I hope that in the days to come, there will be sunshine in the eyes and magnanimity in the smile. In the beautiful years in the future, I will not fail and live up to it. I hope to live a little more luck and happy birthday from now on.

6. Game segment

Open happy hour

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