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The origins of April Fool's Day

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Update time : 2018-03-30 14:42:48
On April 1st of each year, it is the Western folk festival - April Fool's Day, also known as Wan Yu. There are different opinions about its origin: one argument is that this custom originated from India's "holiday festival." This section stipulates that, on the day of the holiday on March 31 each year, couples fool each other to entertain themselves. The more common claim originated in France. In 1564, France first adopted the new reform of the calendar year - the Gregorian calendar (ie, the universal Gregorian calendar). The first day of the year was January 1, changing the calendar that used to be the beginning of the new year on April 1. In the process of the implementation of the new calendar, some old-fashioned people oppose this reform and still follow the old calendar and refuse to update it.
They still exchange gifts on April 1 and organize activities to celebrate the New Year. People who advocate reforms have greatly mocked the practices of these old guards. The clever and ridiculous people presented fake gifts to the diehards on April 1st, inviting them to participate in fake celebrations, and calling these fooled people "April fools" or "fish on hook." Later, they fool each other on this day and become a popular French custom. The festival spread to England in the eighteenth century and was later brought to the United States by early British immigrants.
April Fool's Day
At the beginning, any American could concoct appalling news, and he would not bear the slightest moral and legal responsibility. The government and the judiciary would not pursue it either. On the contrary, who made false lies are the most bizarre, most deceiving people to believe, and who will be crowned with laurels. This practice has brought a lot of confusion to the community and has caused people's dissatisfaction. The fool's deceit during people's festivals is no longer outrageous as it used to be, but for the purpose of light and joy.
April Fool's Day joke can only be opened before 12 noon, this is a common practice of strict rules. The man who had fun at noon was a fool who was bigger than the one he had teased. Those who are joking after an hour will immediately bump their nails and look for something uninteresting. There is a small poem that describes this: April Fool's Day has passed twelve o'clock. Your fool is coming late. Until the coming April Fool's Day, you will be the biggest fool.
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