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Why use seals at containers

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Update time : 2018-01-17 15:43:32
Container seal is a seal used at container, which can only be used at one time, and it can not be used again once open.
The purposes of application of seals:
1. Date is marked at seals to identify goods and sometimes, the corresponding BL will also be with same seal number.
2.Seals can be used to judge if goods are open during transportation, which means, the completeness of seals is one of the definite basis of carrier and receiver. Seals play an important and clear role in the delivery of whole container goods among the sender, carrier and receiver.
Functions of seals
一:To ensure goods are not open during transportation, which mainly depends on if seal is complete.
二:Numbers or marks on seals are used to distinguish goods, which is displayed at BL. The purpose of checking seal is to make sure if container is open during transportation, if do, the number of new seal is changed, which proves container is opened, and then will be rechecked.
三:To ensure goods will be correctly delivered to receiver.
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