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Application of anti-counterfeiting steel wire seal in petroleum transportation

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Update time : 2018-04-26 09:59:28
Anti-counterfeit steel wire seal (anti-theft wire seal) is the latest type of anti-counterfeiting wire seal developed by our company using today's advanced two-dimensional bar code technology, combined with the specific characteristics of refined oil road transport. The two-dimensional code label and the lock sealing mechanism adopt an integrated packaging structure to ensure that the whole is firm and firm. The product solves the defects of low imitation cost, easy imitation, no encryption information, and poor anti-counterfeit performance of old-fashioned seals, improves the safety of product oil transportation, and achieves the purpose of theft prevention and efficiency improvement.
Different colors of seals: The seals issued by oil depots and vehicles returned from gas stations are of different colors and are marked with different symbols to indicate differences. Seals using different colors, you can directly identify the issuing unit of the seal, and in accordance with the color, check mark symbols, to improve the seal anti-counterfeiting performance.

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Differences in the seal numbering: The number of seals in each state is different, so that each state has its own special seal to prevent the use of lead seals. Different issuing of seals can further refine the seal management, increase the difficulty of imitation, and improve the safety of product oil transportation.
Seal record check: record every time you seal, in order to check. Before the transportation vehicle leaves the oil depot or gas station, it must confirm that the seal seal has been completed. And it is required to record the used seal code and vehicle number and verify it after reaching the destination.
Two-dimensional bar code inspection: Inspecting and verifying the seal is mainly based on the code. Based on the two-dimensional code, the authenticity of the anti-counterfeiting steel wire seal is verified. If you have exchanged seals during transportation, and replaced them with seals from other manufacturers, you can use our company's technology and equipment to identify the authenticity through two-dimensional code scanning.
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