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How electronic security seals can be intelligent?

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Update time : 2018-02-27 13:24:51
Seals locked at goods containers, cargo vans, trucks, etc. can mutually effect door or other openings so as to seal and prevent authorized open. The seal will be activated when loading goods and cut off when unloading goods. The character of this product is that the transponder of communicator is used to read out the information stored at transponder; when sealing products, transponder is in activated mode; when opening seal, transponder will store information at reservoir and time information can be read out by communicator. Electronic seals include PLC which has at least four input interfaces, at least two output interfaces, and at least one eternal equipment interface, among which, four input interfaces correspondingly connect with signal output end of bottom valve control switch, dialer, unlocking device and setting lock. Two output interfaces respectively connect with bottom valve controlling switch signal input end and alarming device, one external equipment interface connects with recorder. The original setting value of locking bottom valve is stored at host of controller. The device can softly seal the bottom valve of tanks to prevent illegal operation of drivers and monitor the working state of oil tanks, which is applied to operation control of various oil vehicles; the limit and tracking of vehicle operation time and operation times, it is convenient for the effective management of belonged vehicles which can guarantee the safety of transportation oil and reduce operation cost.
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