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Security seals are an indispensable tool for railway transportation

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Author : Junchuang
Update time : 2021-10-09 16:51:35
       Since the birth of the railway system, bolt bullet seal and cable wire seal have played a key role in protecting goods and valuables in transit. In fact, the origin of the early bolt bullet seal manufacturers mainly came from the sealing of rail car doors and the protection of property and money in the car.
       JUNCHUANG is one of the first manufacturers to produce bolt bullet seals for rail vehicles and goods. Those early cable wire seals were lead and wire seals. After that, the railway began to use a wider range of cable wire seal and bolt bullet seal. Because it increases the sealing strength, it prevents people from vandalism and provides a protective barrier for the goods. Therefore, the heavier cable wire seal and bolt bullet seal made of metal are widely used, and all seals are essentially one-time locks.
       The best choice for safety seals varies by car type.
       Rail vans and trucks with doors are very suitable for bolt bullet seals. Can be marked with barcodes, logos and other customized information marks. The bolt bullet seal also has a plastic coating, which can be used to identify the load by color. The same option applies to intermodal containers stacked on the carrier. Bolt bullet seal is also the most commonly used type of container.
       Hopper trucks that carry dry bulk products such as coal, grain, cement, aggregates, etc. need a cable wire seal to insert the cable wire seal into the locking mechanism at the opening of each cabin and to deal with the load stress on the bottom of the cabin.
       Although these are not the only seals used in the railway industry, they are the most recognized.
       JUNCHUANG provides services to thousands of bolt bullet seal users around the world, including utilities, logistics and various types of commercial entities. If you have any questions about cable wire seal related to railway operations or want to discuss your needs further, please contact us. e-mail: [email protected]
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