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The most common way to print plastic seals

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Author : Junchuang
Update time : 2021-09-14 11:22:19
      Junchuang provides free printing services for disposable plastic seals. The printing of disposable plastic seals provided includes laser marking and hot stamping. Both methods can be used for safe and firm marking on tanker plastic seals.
      What are the differences and advantages between tanker plastic seal laser marking and hot stamping?
      Laser marking is a process of permanently cutting images or patterns on hard materials using a laser beam. Hot stamping requires physical molds to print numbers on disposable plastic seals. The initial engraving of the tanker plastic seal stamping is the most critical, because it is necessary to ensure that the digital format is correct and the conveyor belt must be tested before running the job.
      Laser marking on disposable plastic seals will not be degraded due to environmental factors, which makes laser marking on disposable plastic seals an ideal choice for most customers. Due to the set-up time required for hot stamping, hot stamping is more suitable for small batch tanker plastic seal printing.
      Laser marking can meet the needs of printing large amounts of data in tanker plastic seal, such as two-dimensional codes that require more accuracy and higher definition. Hot stamping can only print simple patterns such as numbers and letters on tanker plastic seal.
      Junchuang's custom disposable plastic seals provide serial numbers, logos, barcodes, etc., forming basic protective measures. If you want to add printing on tanker plastic seal, please contact our team for help and professional advice.

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