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Third quarter meeting

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Update time : 2022-10-24 09:26:23

September and October, all things are harvested. In this autumn wind, we sum up the past, look forward to the future, greet the new quarter with full enthusiasm and state, and break through ourselves again to achieve better and better results!

1. Institutional analysis

Company management system is the basis and criterion of company management, which is to standardize its own construction, strengthen attendance management, maintain work order and improve work efficiency through certain procedures. 

2. Leader's speech

Without stopping, the future can be expected. Thank you, Mr. Zhang, for your wonderful speech and brand-new journey. We are working together. Our future achievements will be jointly created in Qi Xin. Dapeng rides the wind in a day, soaring up to Wan Li. I believe that under the leadership of General Manager Zhang and with the joint efforts of all of you, we will surely create greater glory again!

3. Commendation meeting
1. Champion commendation

You are a leader among many employees and a new force for the development and growth of the company. Your contribution to the company and your tenacious, diligent and indomitable fighting spirit are talked about by the industry. Today is the day when we enjoy honor and fruitful results. Let's express our heartfelt congratulations to the champion with warm applause!

2. Special Contribution Award

He is conscientious, united and active in his job, making efforts for the development of the company, having good professional ethics and quality, and having outstanding performance in safeguarding the economic interests of the company.

3. You get what you work for

In the company, it plays an active role as an example. The company calls on all employees to follow their example, unite and cooperate, and strive for progress, and contribute their own strength to the stable and healthy development of the company.

4. Singing and wishing

The birthday girl has an exclusive benefit. The birthday girl who had a birthday last month left a small task, and the birthday girl appointed a person to present songs.
       Welfare reflects the company's love and care for employees. After each meeting, share food with everyone. Attractive cakes, relaxed and rich snacks, fresh and juicy fruits, snacks with unique flavor and other different kinds of afternoon tea delicacies are provided, which, together with creative activities, will add fun to the employees' tired working days.

5. Game session

Carrying out interesting competitive games can improve the cooperation spirit of the company team, improve the enthusiasm of employees, create a harmonious, harmonious and healthy atmosphere for employees, and enhance the tacit understanding and feelings among employees. Enriched the entertainment activities of employees, promoted communication among colleagues, enhanced collective cohesion and team spirit, and created a healthy and positive "home" cultural atmosphere.

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