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Why are nylon cable ties so popular?

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Author : Junchuang
Update time : 2021-08-31 11:14:43
         Nylon cable tie, as the name implies, is a strap to tie things up. Nylon zip tie is widely used for bundling items in various industries. So what is the reason why nylon cable tie is so popular in the market?
   1. Compared with the rope, the rope operation is more troublesome and the labor cost is higher. However, the use of self-locking nylon zip tie is relatively simple and easy to control the scale. Nylon cable tie can bring higher efficiency to enterprises.
        2. Nylon cable tie itself has high tensile strength, impact resistance, and strong acid and alkali resistance. Nylon zip tie itself also has a certain fire rating that can reach 94V2. The advantages of the above nylon zip tie are It is not available in traditional ropes.
     3. In recent years, especially the environmental protection requirements put forward by Europe, nylon cable tie is made of nylon66, which meets the EU's customized standards.

<Nylon cable tie>
   Now that traditional ropes are slowly withdrawing from the market, nylon zip tie is well-known, and more and more companies and factories prefer to use nylon zip tie because of its environmental protection, safety, impact resistance and other excellent characteristics.
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