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Electronic lead seal improves the level of digital information management

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Update time : 2022-10-18 10:00:16
     Electronic lead seal is a new type of lead seal product developed and produced by combining silicon semiconductor integrated circuit technology with ordinary lead seal. Each electronic lead seal has a unique readable identification code, which is bundled with user files in the database, and electronic lead seal information can be read through a special hand-held meter reader.
1. The patron saint and safety lock of measuring instruments
     To prevent fake lead seals and completely eliminate water, electricity and gas theft.
     The common lead seal is judged by the clamp print on the lead seal, which is very easy to copy and give opportunities to lawbreakers. Each electronic lead seal has a unique identification code. The lead seal production identification code is arranged during the semiconductor chip manufacturing and is realized by laser micro engraving. There is no duplication in the world. The unique code of the chip can be read through wireless non-contact mode and compared with the database to determine the authenticity of the lead seal. The manufacturing cost of electronic lead seal is low, but the copying cost is very high, and the copying is very difficult, which fundamentally turns away illegal elements. It can bring huge economic benefits to public utility companies to eliminate the occurrence of imitation or embezzlement.
2. Realizing Digital Management of Meter Reading
     After the meter reader arrives at the site with a hand-held meter reader that can identify the lead seal, the user file of the measuring instrument can be automatically called out by identifying the electronic lead seal, and then the current indication of the measuring instrument can be input. After storage, it can be directly imported into the computer software to generate a charging form.
     In this way, after the electronic lead seal is used for ordinary water, electricity and gas meters, the functions such as rapid automatic identification of meters, electronic storage of meter reading, computer import of meter reading results, automatic generation of charge forms, printing of charge documents, etc. can be realized. With very little investment, meter reading management can be upgraded to the level of paperless digital information management.
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