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What should be paid attention to when marking ox ear

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Update time : 2022-11-03 09:37:11

Before and after ear marking:

1. Writing method of ear mark

        The number of ear tags shall conform to the standard number and number segment stipulated by the state, or the number of ear tags can be made in the cattle farm. The number plate is marked with a marker pen, usually a 6-digit number, and the year is marked above the ear. For example, the birth in 2009 can be marked with "09"; Write the serial number in the lower part, which can be written in 4 digits, from 0001 to 9999, so that the rice treasure is large and easy to identify. After labeling, it is convenient to record and formulate cow files in breeding and treatment.

2. Preparation of cows

       Newborn calves can be labeled with ear tags at 3 days of age, and must be labeled with ear tags within 30 days of age. Cattle imported from abroad shall be marked with animal husbandry signs within 10 days after the commercial birds arrive at the destination. The logo of the ear tag should be marked in the middle of the cow's ear. In the neck clip type cattle farm, the cows can be locked with the neck clip, and in the column type cattle can be put on the head with a rope, and the other end of the rope is tied to the far end of the column fence, which must be tightened. The marked parts of cattle were sheared, and then disinfected with 5% iodine tincture.

3. Marking method

       The operator shall wear protective equipment, cut off the fur on the marked part as short as possible, and wash away the dirt on the marked part. After the ear label is written, it is soaked in 75% alcohol, and the ear label forceps are also sterilized. After taking out the ear marker, place it on the ear marker clamp, align it up and down, and select the middle of the ear where there is no big blood vessel. When the animal is relatively quiet, extend the ear marker pliers to the required position of the animal's ears, quickly and forcefully close the ear marker pliers, and the main and auxiliary ear markers are completely closed, which completes the operation.

4. Precautions

       During the operation, minimize the stress reaction of livestock. The operator shall do a good job of personal protection, and the arm and head will be injured if the stop is not released in time to ensure personal safety.

       Before using the ear marker pliers, check whether the ear nail and other parts are abnormal, whether the ear nail is bent, broken, and whether other parts are closely connected. During use, timely observe whether the screws are loose, and tighten them in time if they are loose.

       Ear tags shall not be placed together with chemicals or under high temperature and exposure.

       Earmarks should be written in a standardized and unified way.

       After the ear mark is marked, the inflammation around the ear mark hole should be observed in a timely manner, and the pathological changes should be treated as trauma in a timely manner. In winter, frostbite shall be prevented at the place marked by ear mark after the mark.

5. Common problems and solutions

       The main reason why the ear mark cannot be inserted is that the force is not enough during the operation, the ear clamp needle is too thick, and it does not completely enter the ear hole, or the main and auxiliary marks are not fully matched during the operation, and the ear mark is not worn at the appropriate position. The solution is to operate with quick force, use an ear marking needle that is aligned with the internal hole, align the main marking cone head with the secondary marking hole, and select the middle ear with relatively thin ears and no large blood vessels.

       The main reason why the cone neck of the main mark will bend, break or break is that the ear mark needle is too thick and does not match the ear mark aperture.

       The reason why the ear marker pliers cannot be restored to the original state after the ear marker is applied is that the ear marker needle is too thick, and the ear marker needle is bent and deformed. The solution is to use the matching ear marking needle and replace the ear marking pliers.

       The reason why the ear marker is bent or broken is that the ear marker is not perpendicular to the ear surface of the animal dealer during the operation, resulting in a deflection angle, or the animal struggles when the operation is not completed. The solution is to use the designated new ear mark special pliers to operate the animal in a relatively quiet state.

       The reason why the ear tag falls off is that the main and auxiliary tags are not fully buckled due to improper operation, which causes the auxiliary tags to fall off; Or the old sub standard is used, which causes the main and sub standard are not matched, which will fall off when the shoes and animals tear and bite the frame. The solution is to choose the relatively thin ear position of the barn to wear, so as to ensure that the main and auxiliary logos are fully buckled, and the supporting main and auxiliary logos are used.

       This is all about ear marking. I hope the introduction of the above articles can help you. If you have any questions, please call us.

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