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Excellent fixed-length plastic seal

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Author : Junchuang
Update time : 2021-11-02 17:15:40
     The fixed length plastic seal has an advanced locking system to increase strength and reliable closure. The proprietary fixing function inside the fixed length plastic seal adds continuous pressure to the lock and prevents forcible tampering or accidental opening due to shock and vibration. In addition, the molded raised ridge at the entrance of the fixed length plastic seal prevents the insertion of tools or devices to tamper with the lock without leaving obvious evidence.
     At the same time, the smooth and clean surface and contour of the fixed length plastic seal help to spot any signs of attempts to force, manipulate, change or cut the seal.
     The reliable fixed length plastic seal is very simple for users, and the interior is very precise, strong and highly engineered. The fixed length plastic seal is easy to lock, easy to view markings, and easy to transport, store and handle. Users can perform simple monitoring or tracking and thorough inspections during the entire use process. Fixed length plastic seals do not need to be adjusted like pull-up seals, so locking is simple, just click them into place and check to make sure the fixed length plastic seals are completely locked.
     The application of fixed length plastic seals on tank truck valves and storage handles is very common, especially where metals or wires are not safe. Metals are dangerous for sparks and are also susceptible to corrosion by certain chemicals. The high-density polypropylene of the fixed length plastic seal makes them a perfect substitute for metals.
     If you are looking for a fixed length plastic seal, Junchuang can provide you with fixed length plastic seals of different sizes. Welcome to call us or send emails, we are happy to provide suggestions according to your needs!

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