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Anti-counterfeiting function on pull tight cable seal

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Author : Junchuang
Update time : 2021-10-26 16:50:01

As a frequently used safety seal product, cable wire seal is often used in cargo transportation, equipment sealing and other environments. With the wider use of channels, the pull tight cable seal of Junchuang has gradually added more functions from the original numbered pattern. For example, the use of barcodes is applied to the surface of the cable wire seal housing, and more information is added, and check codes can also be added to prevent imitation.

Like most safety seal products, cable wire seals can be customized to your desired appearance. From dozens of pull tight cable seals with different appearances, select one, and add a small range of laser printing styles based on the original cable wire seal. It is different from other pull tight cable seal styles, and it also increases the difficulty of imitation. This is also one of the anti-counterfeiting functions of cable wire seal.

The anti-counterfeiting function of the cable wire seal on the shell basically depends on the four methods of LOGO, serial number, bar code, and two-dimensional code. Why is it said that the LOGO and number on the pull tight cable seal also have anti-counterfeiting function? This is because the LOGO and number are usually required to adjust the position and laser power when laser engraving on the pull tight cable seal, which is equivalent to a whole batch Product customization. The position of the laser engraving is the same as the laser temperature, and the imitation cable wire seal will appear out of place and can be distinguished at a glance. Bar code and two-dimensional code use technical means to set the last digit of the code as the check code. If you do not know the quantity of the entire batch of pull tight cable seal products, you will not be able to know the exact number of the check code.

Junchuang is engaged in the design and production of safety cable wire seals, mold design and precision manufacturing, injection molding processing, surface decoration (hot stamping, silk screen printing, laser engraving, etc.). The company’s main products are plastic seals, container cable wire seals and instrument seals, which are widely used in logistics, clothing, and power industries. Welcome everyone to call to discuss business!

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