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Tamper-proof security seals used in various industries

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Author : Junchuang
Update time : 2021-10-19 16:28:03
       Today, Junchuang provides hundreds of different security seals to meet your security needs. If you are inexperienced in security seals, then let me take you to learn about security seals.
       Initially, there were only a few types of security seals, mainly made of lead or tinplate. In the last century, the use and number of types of security seals have proliferated to thousands. The growth of trucking and rail transportation has spawned more uses of security seals and security seals. Then, international shipping containers created heavy bolt seals and container cable seals to secure container doors. Recent developments include advanced electronic container cable seals with RFID data recording and monitoring functions, remote reading, GPS tracking and other functions.

       Security seals, what are they for?
       Container cable seal is a tool to prevent and detect unauthorized opening. The difference between container cable seals and locks is that they are disposable and will be destroyed when opened.
       The container cable seal will not prevent bad guys from entering, but the higher-strength container cable seal can slow down the speed of thieves and reduce the possibility of vandalism or theft of "convenience".
       Junchuang specializes in the production of high-strength security seals, which can provide tamper-proof evidence and act as a one-time lock to slow down and prevent theft or sabotage. Container cable seal brings great convenience to various industries. Welcome to call our phone to contact us, we will provide you with more detailed information about container cable seal.
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