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Functions of container seal

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Update time : 2018-01-08 16:00:35
Container seal is made of PS transparent plastic seal as the shell, and interior part adopts clip wrapped by ABS. The surface can print letter, logo, serial number, barcode, color by laser printing. It is mainly used for containers, trailers, trucks, tanks, etc. Container seal adopts high-quality anti-flaming PP and PA and it has features of good insulation, not easy of aging, anti-acid and anti-corrosion, good resilience, and high bearing capability. Company name, date, number and code can be printed as request, which can be applied to finance, navigation, electricity, petroleum, and other industries.

seal: it is a kind of plastic in macromolecular chain including styryl, including styrene and its copolymer. Specific types include ordinary polystyrene, high-impacting polystyrene, EPS and metallocene polystyrene. The general grade polystyrene is a kind of thermoplastic resin, is glossy and transparent bead or granularity solid. Density 1.04-1.09, transparent degree 88%-92%, refractive index 1.59-1.60. Under the effect of stress, double refraction happens, i.e. effect stress-optical effect. The melting temperature is 150-180℃, thermal decomposition temperature is 300℃, thermal deformation temperature is 70-100℃, and the long-term using temperature is 60-80℃. Under the term of 5-6℃ lower than thermal decomposition temperature, stress can be eliminated after annealing treatment, which can improve thermal decomposition temperature. If adding a small amount of α-AMS, the thermal rating of GPS.
Functions of container seal:
1、Super-high mechanical strength
2、Inner chip with the global unique ID code.
3、Identify reading in long distance
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