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The difference between electronic seals and ordinary seals

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Update time : 2018-01-11 13:19:57
Main differences: each electronic seal has unique readable identification code, which is combined together with user file in database. Information of electronic seal can be readable by handheld meter reading, which fulfills it with super strong anti-fake and data reading function different from common seal. It can widely be applied to water meter, electricity meter, gas meter and other metering instruments for the use of anti-theft and table reading.
Electronic seals: it is a new type seal which is researched and produced by combining SIC integrated circuit technology with common seal. It is used to fix on metering instrument same as common seal.
Electronic seals
Functions of electronic seals
The guardian angel and safety lock of measuring instrument: prevent false making of seal, forbid the occurrence of water, electricity and gas stolen. Realize the digital management of meter reading: read information in non-touched way, automatically tune out water meter customer files, store meter data with super large capacity, automatically generate and derive charged form.
Common seals: one type of common seals is the tightening seal. This common seal is mainly used at containers at wharf, water and electricity meters, oil tank trucks, etc. It can be applied widely.Common seals are one-time use seals, once used, it is unable to be used again.
One-time use common seal has one serial number on each one. This serial number plays two roles: one is to mark and easy to record and check, and the other role is to know if this seal is broken or not. If cable seals with keys, then this common seal does not have meaning because it can be replaced by lock.
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