Seal Beans

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Update time : 2018-01-12 17:20:15
what is lead seal?
On commonly water meter and old electricity meter, there is a small metal similar size as corn by two thin nylon wires, which is lead seal. The purpose is to forbid personal start and convenience for installer maintenance. Once personal opens, seal is broken and then installer will know someone has broken the seal. There will be penalty.
Using method of lead seal
1Cut the wire of appropriate length
2Penetrate one end of wire to the sealing object
3After penetration, make the two ends of wire at the same height and then penetrate to the two holes at the bottom of lead seal (due to different types, some lead seals have only one hole)
4After penetration, press tightly lead seal by wire to reach the strength that wire is unable to pull out in strength.
5After that, record the code and user information of seals so as to check at work in future