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How to choose the right security seal

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Author : Junchuang
Update time : 2021-08-12 17:10:31
             When considering logistics security, you will definitely encounter a small problem-how to buy truck security seals. Today's truck security seals are a necessary item in the logistics industry, and even numbered security tags are very common in other fields. However, the variety of numbered security tags is dazzling, so which one is right for you?
           Before buying truck security seals, you must first figure out your purpose. Generally, truck security seals are divided into anti-theft, counting, control, sealing, classification, etc. according to their purpose. Secondly, it is necessary to figure out whether the numbered security tags are used in the warehouse or the numbered security tags are used in the outdoor logistics process.
           The next step is to consider buying that type of truck security seals. This question should be considered carefully. The type of numbered security tags you buy depends on the value of your goods. Generally, cable seals and bolt seals are used to transport goods with higher value. They have high anti-theft performance and require special tools to open. Ideal safety performance can be achieved in the transportation industry. Plastic seals are made of PP. The anti-theft performance is not as good as cable seals and bolt seals. However, plastic seals can print barcodes and logos on a large area. The tamper-resistant performance is very good. If it is not a high-value product, you can choose plastic seal.
          Thirdly, the size of numbered security tags is varied, and the size of the lock must be measured. It is very important to know the size in order to choose the appropriate truck security seals.
    Finally, there is another point that depends on the manufacturer of the numbered security tags. Be sure to choose a regular numbered security tags manufacturer. Our company is one of the largest suppliers of truck security seals in China. The truck security seals produced and sold have very good quality and after-sales guarantee. If you want to buy truck security seals, you can choose us. Our contact information is :   
 +86 15553189730; [email protected]              Welcome to order!
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