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Security seals play a huge role in the medical industry

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Author : Junchuang
Update time : 2021-08-10 11:35:43
          During the epidemic, all medical personnel and machine drugs in the work of the medical industry are of vital importance. For example, personal protective equipment, ventilators and other important items can be sealed with container bolt seal or pull tight cable seal to ensure that they can safely reach the place where they need to go.
          Under the current special circumstances, the demand for the supply of many medical products has increased, and some bad actors have begun to steal in order to gain profits, contaminating some medical products and preventing them from being used.
          So how to solve this problem?
          The container bolt seal and pull tight cable seal we mentioned can solve this problem well.
          Our company specializes in the production of security seals and has rich anti-theft experience. We are committed to researching pull tight cable seal and container bolt seal with higher anti-theft performance, and are committed to protecting the safety of the medical industry. With our various types of safety seals, after using pull tight cable seal or container bolt seal, medical supplies can be protected during transportation and safely reach the place where they are needed.
          The container bolt seals produced by our company are mainly used in the transportation industry and have the highest anti-theft performance. Many of them have passed ISO 17712 certification. The container bolt seals are made of metal and require special tools to remove. The anti-theft performance is excellent, so Container bolt seal is the first choice for transporting medical supplies.
          High security seals. We also produce pull tight cable seals. Pull tight cable seals are made of aluminum alloy lock bodies and steel wires. They are tamper-proof and anti-theft, and have high security. On truck containers, pull tight cable seals are also very common.
                <Pull tight cable seal>                                    <Container bolt seals>
          We both provide Rfid options for pull tight cable seal and container bolt seal, so that we can count and collect data faster and reduce shipping time.
          Our company provides sophisticated and excellent anti-tampering and sealing technology for the medical industry. If you just need container bolt seal, pull tight cable seal or other types of safety seals, we hope we will be your first choice. Our contact information is: +86 15553189730; [email protected]
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